Lalibela – best Gameviewing at the Eastern Cape

Why is Lalibela the only game reserve in the Eastern Cape that can sustain more than 400 buffalo?

Answer: Lalibela has extensive areas of savannah grassland, the biome with by far the greatest carrying capacity. This means they are able to sustain truly large herds of plains animals such as zebra, impala, wildebeest, kudu, blesbok, eland, and buffalo. This, in turn, allows us to maintain our free-roaming predators.

Why wildlife viewing at LALIBELA is the best in the Eastern Cape?

  • Lalibela is one of the few game reserves in the Eastern Cape consisting of a single contiguous, self-sustaining block where all species can move freely. There are no separate camps for lions, buffalo, elephants, etc.
  • Lalibela is the only game reserve in the Eastern Cape where there are more lions than wildlife observers, and a strict policy of vehicles per sighting ensures world-class encounters without distraction.
  • Lalibela is the only reserve in the Eastern Cape where 100% of surplus revenues flow back into the community and conservation. No profits are ever extracted from the reserve.
  • Unique to the Eastern Cape is the prevalent grassy savannah in the reserve, allowing for a much higher wildlife density than in any other Eastern Cape reserve, with a truly impressive number of plains game species supporting the remarkable abundance of predators.
  • Lalibela is one of only two game reserves in the Eastern Cape not intersected by public roads.


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